Easter Basket stuffers for Catholics

Every year, my kids get a new religious book for Easter, which is wrapped separately from their Easter basket.  I also try to include religious items in their baskets.  I have personally given my children things such as:

  • Stuffed animal lambs.  Instead of the Easter Bunny, we have chosen to celebrate the Lamb of God.  We have a butter lamb on our table for Easter breakfast (a Polish tradition), we have lamb figurines out as decorations, and our kids each receive a stuffed lamb in their first Easter basket.  These lambs reappear every year, and our kids sleep with them during Eastertide.  In addition to their First Easter lambs, our kids also have several smaller stuffed lambs they’ve received, which stay out as play toys during the season.
  • White chocolate lambs.  I purchased these molds this year, and melted a one pound bag of white chocolate candy melts to fill the molds last night.  I placed 6 candies in a bag for each kid’s basket; the rest are in a container for the whole family to enjoy this Eastertide.
  • Hand crosses, or comfort crosses, made out of olive wood from Bethlehem.  These are amazing, and can be found here.  My four and five year old sons are receiving one this year (2017) in their Easter baskets.  They have been talking about the Holy Cross for months, so I am pretty excited that they will each have their own cross to contemplate very soon.
  • Shining Light Dolls.  I was really hoping that Shining Light Dolls would have new stock out in time for Easter this year, but my kids will just have to wait until St. Nicholas Day for their newest (2017) wave of releases.  That’s okay, though!  We’ve been collecting since their early days, and we have every doll in their collection.  All of my kids have really enjoyed these dolls from age one and up.  I am so happy that they continue to expand their line!  These are perfect for Easter baskets, albeit a bit on the pricey side, depending on your budget.
  • Sofia Bernadette Collection.  This is a new line (late 2017) of Catholic shirts, which I posted about here.  The Sofia Bernadette Collection has  many saints to choose from; I will be purchasing a shirt for each of my kids for 2018.  They are perfect for Catholic kids, and the quality of the shirts is fantastic. 

I will update this post as I add things I have personally given my children as gifts (some of the items have been stocking stuffers at Christmas or shoe stuffers on St. Nicholas Day, but would also work well for Easter).

Happy Easter!