New (to us) Advent Book

It is hard for me to make a blind purchase, buying something off the internet when there are few or no pictures available online to view its contents.  However, I would love for my children to have more picture books that are special to the Advent Season in our collection.  So, I decided to take a chance and trust that the product of a Catholic Publisher, Magnificat Press, would be a good one.  In this case, I have not been disappointed (well, aside from the Dec. 6 entry).  I am so glad that my kids will get to benefit from a nice, Catholic story book designed for Advent this year.

11.29 24

24 Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus is a decent book that Seasonal Catholic recommends for your Advent collection.  To read more about it, and to see more pictures of its contents, please visit my main post for Advent books by following this link.

A Blessed Advent to you and your family!