Sept. 21: Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle

Happy feast day!  If you are looking for a good little book to celebrate today’s feast, check out this one:

Matthew the Apostle: Baker and God’s Storyteller9.21 cover

by Barbara Yoffie

This book is part of Liguori Publication’s Saints and Me collection, which is a growing collection of small paperback books about saints for kids age 4-9.  The text in this book moves extremely quickly, and there are a many simple pictures, so this book actually works well for age 2 and up.  The book tells all the basic parts of the story of St. Matthew’s life, most of which is drawn directly from the gospels.  The end of the story shows his ministry as a gospel writer.  This book is perfect for very young children, and Seasonal Catholic gladly recommends it for today’s feast day.

9.21 collage

St. Matthew, pray for us!