Dec. 13: Memorial of St. Lucy

I have two wonderfully Catholic books to share with you for this week’s feast day!

Lucy: A Light for Jesus12.13 cover

by Barbara Yoffie

This is part of Liguori Publication’s Saints and Me collection for kids age 4-9.  The text in this book moves extremely quickly, and there are a plentiful number of pictures, so, in our experience, this book actually works well for age 20 months and up.  The book tells all the basic parts of the story of St. Lucy’s life, beginning with the saint’s childhood and continuing through her martyrdom, in simplified language for the youngest children to understand and without any gory images.  It also includes information about why she is the patron saint for those with eye problems, as well as a small presentation of how today’s saint is celebrated in Sweden.  My kids really enjoy this book; Seasonal Catholic gladly recommends it!

12.13 collage


Lucia: Saint of Light

by Katherine Hyde

This gorgeous hardcover is from an Orthodox publisher, and is perfect for older ages than the above book.  It begins with a family’s celebration of St. Lucy’s breakfast, then leads into a narration of St. Lucy’s life.  The book ends with music and lyrics for a song to sing on St. Lucy’s Day.  The penciled illustrations are gorgeous, and the text is very appealing to young children, preschool age and above.  You really get a sense of the beauty to be found in St. Lucy’s life story, as well as the Swedish traditions in honoring her.  Seasonal Catholic highly recommends this book!  It is one of our favorites.


St. Lucy, pray for us!