Lenten Path

Jesse Tree Treasures does it again!  We use their Jesse Tree ornaments to make Advent trees, but until this year, we had not invested in their “Jesus Tree” set.  I am so glad we waited because new this year is an accompanying book to go with the Jesus Tree set of disks.  I will say, the text in the Jesus Tree book seems to be straight copy and paste from the Bible, so if you are expecting the nice summarized stories found in their Jesse Tree book, you should be aware that this book is not as captivating to young children.

Also, the images are two-tone computer generated, perhaps not as appealing as the hand-painted ones from the Jesse Tree set.  However, they are still wonderful!

Instead of making a path in the shape of a cross or spiral, I chose to spell out the word Lent.  My kids do not read yet, but they know the formation spells out Lent.  We call this our “Lent path” instead of a Jesus Tree, so that they are not confusing this with their Lent tree.  Every morning before our regular family morning prayer, a child flips over the next disk on the Lent path, then I read the scripture from the Jesse Tree Treasures accompanying book.  Simple, and easy!

Next to our crown of thorns, and with our sticker scene hanging below it, it makes a nice focal point during family prayer time.

I like this visual as a way for children to count down the days of Lent.  I did not have to assemble or chart anything, and the set comes with extra disks if you want to incorporate holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.  Seasonal Catholic highly recommends this as a Lenten journey for your family.

At the end of Lent, we’re going to have a beautiful display!

Please pray for the continued success of Jesse Tree Treasures.