Aug 11: Game for the Memorial of St. Clare

Several months ago, I posted about a roll and move game I assembled for the Solemnity of St. Joseph.  Last year was my first attempt at such a game, with a roll and move game for the Memorial of St. Clare:

This one is very similar to the St. Joseph game, in that I simply found images online, printed them off, and taped them to half of a poster board.  You will still need a six-colored die, plus enough pawns or meeples for each player.  I used an image of a monstrance to make my spaces for this game (if using Microsoft Publisher, just change the image to gray scale, then pick a hue), but I neglected to make any black monstrances.  So, for this game, when we roll black, we say, “St. Clare, pray for us!,” then we re-roll and move ahead two spaces of the new color rolled.

Super simple, and a lot of fun for my kids!

St. Clare, pray for us!