3rd Annual Midsummer Party

It’s June!  It’s almost summer!  It’s almost time to host our 3rd St. John’s Day/Midsummer party (although I still don’t understand why it’s called midsummer at the beginning of summer…).  I posted about this last year, but thought I’d share a few pictures of what is now one of my children’s favorite holidays.  Our kids get a group gift, which they spend the day playing with, and they also get to spend time with their friends, hosting a birthday party for Our Lord’s holy cousin.  We’ve hosted this get together twice, and it has gone over well both times, even for the non-Catholics who attended.

First, we have unorganized play time/social time, just as you would with any birthday party.  Then, we head to our prayer room and sing a few children-friendly praise songs while the dads hide plastic cupcakes in our back yard.   When the back yard is ready, and while my husband is grilling, it’s time for our cupcake hunt! 

The “cupcakes” were found on clearance at Walmart during Eastertide a few years ago, and they are filled with candies and tiny toys.  I put out half a dozen for each kid so that there is no competition to get the biggest pile or hurt feelings for the younger kids who aren’t as fast.

Last year, I placed a clear plastic gemstone in one of the cupcakes.  The child who found that gemstone won a gift, which was a book about St. John the Baptist. This made for a nice extra that I plan to incorporate again this year.

After the hunt, it is time to eat dinner!  We serve barbecued meat and grasshopper parfaits, and guests bring a side to share.  Easy and simple!

Finally, we relax and let the kids play while the adults chat.  It’s a super fun evening for our entire family, and a special day that my kids look forward to.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!