Secular Easter Books for Kids

Yesterday, I shared our growing collection of Eastertide books.  Those books all at least come from a Christian perspective.  Today, I am going to share two fun books our kids received this year to enjoy during the Easter Season.   I know we have a few other books for Easter that are not from a Christian perspective, so I will update this post later to include them.  Anyway, these books are Easter Bunny free.   The following picture books are either paperback or hardcover.  If you would like to see our board books for Easter, please visit this post.


Care Bears: Easter Egg Hunt

by Quinlan Lee

Let me just preface this to mention that we do not allow our kids to watch the older Care Bears movies because if their spiritually dangerous content.  As for the newest generation, we have not yet made up our minds if our children will be watching those.  We do have a set of the older figurines with moveable arms and legs, as well as a few stuffed animals and bath toys.  My daughters love Care Bears, inasmuch as they have been presented.  I splurged to purchase a used copy of this book after checking it out at the library.  It is a simple story about Care Bears sharing what they like most about Easter, then getting together for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Nothing objectionable is presented, and there are a few chocolate bunnies mentioned, but no Easter bunny.  The bears are the ones doing the hiding and sharing.  This is a paperback book, so I do worry about its longevity, but for now, my 2 year old daughters are enjoying it, so I can recommend it.


Happy Easter, Mother Duck

by Elizabeth Winthrop

This is an oldie, but goodie!  I am so glad I found a used copy of this a couple of years ago for my kids.  Anyway, this is a hardcover Golden Book, but it is smaller than their usual line of books.  It tells the story of Holy Week with animals being born each day of the week.  On Good Friday, four of the duck’s eggs hatch.  On Holy Saturday, she takes her four ducklings to the pond, and while they are there, the farmer’s daughter takes the last unhatched duck egg inside to decorate it.  The duck then heads into the farmhouse to roost on the basket full of decorated eggs.  On Easter Sunday, her fifth duckling hatches.  That’s all there is to the story, but my children adore this book!  Our four year old, especially, is drawn to it this year more than any of the other Easter books we have out.  Our two year old twins also really like the size and story of this book.  I think it is worth the extra money to find a decent used copy. 

Strawberry Shortcake: Easter Surprise

by Amy Ackelsberg

I remember enjoying the Strawberry Shortcake figurines as a child, so I was surprised to see the brand has continued when I noticed this book at the library.  I actually really like the updated look of the characters.  My daughters love the bright colors and the character names, and think the girls look like princesses.  This is also a paperback, and it came with a sheet of stickers.  The story is a simple one about a girl who hosts a scavenger hunt for her Easter Sunday guests.  At the end of the hunt, her friends find Easter baskets.  Like the Care Bears book, the character is the one doing the hiding, and no Easter Bunny is mentioned or hinted at.  I certainly recommend this book as a sweet, colorful book for girls age 2 and older.


Happy Easter!