Oh, BOY! Baby Shower

A very good friend of mine is expecting her first (living) son!  All glory to God!  She has two beautiful girls, a child with the Lord, and is about to deliver a healthy baby boy.  I hosted a baby shower for her this past weekend.  She has a t-shirt she bought for this pregnancy saying, “Oh, BOY!”  I thought that would make for a perfect baby shower theme.


First of all, mustaches are in!  Hobby Lobby had several mustache items in their party section.  I bought a cute transparent tablecloth liner and placed it over a light blue one.  I bought cupcake liners (see food below), and party favor bags.  The bags were used for the party favors, filled with light blue Hershey’s Kisses and little thank you notes from the baby (they were signed, “Hugs and Kisses, Baby ***).  I also found some mustache stickers at Walmart to put on light blue paper cups.

I found some free mustache GIFs online and combined them with a “Playbill” font for a bit of an Old West look to create a shower invitation insert (“WANTED” at the top; a rhyme for things she needed), a banner for the party, guessing sheets for the guess-the-kisses game (see games below), and baby prediction sheets.

As one of my gifts, I ordered a “Baby Brother” mustache outfit, and hung the set as a decoration (this ships from overseas, so you need to order it early).


I ordered a cake from Costco, their baby shower scored style, and added a set of baby blocks from the dollar store.  I dipped lemon cookies in blue candy melts, using a silicone mold available at Walmart, and a 12 ounce bag of melts.  I also used my cupcake liners to make the Tex Mex toasties I tested out a few weeks ago, and served blue punch (gallon of blue Hawaiian punch, 2L lemon lime soda, and a canister of pineapple juice) in a pitcher with a mustache attached to just over the pour spout.  A few of my friends brought other dishes, including a pasta salad that used bow-tie pasta noodles – too cute!


  1. Guess the number in the baby bottle: a $1 blue bottle from the Dollar Tree filled with white Whoppers candies from Walmart. Winner kept the bottle and candy.
  2. Make a baby: dough containers (50 cents a piece at Walmart) in blue, teal, and light green.  Guests have three minutes to shape a baby.  Mommy picked the winner, who received a mustache ceramic box from Oriental Trading.
  3. Attach a Stache: Found free, royalty-free public domain clip art of a baby, blew it up to the size of two sheets of paper, cut it out, and glued it to half a poster board.  The mustaches were from the clip art I had found online (used Microsoft Paint to make different colors); regular glue sticks worked fine.  I was going to call it “Pin the ‘stache,” but went with “Attach” instead at the last minute.  The winner received one of the mustache shaped ceramic boxes.
  4. Collect the Ties: this was your standard, don’t say “baby” game.  Guests were given a loosely knotted tie when they arrived, and a sign was posted saying which words they could not say: baby, boy, the mom’s name, and the baby’s name.  The winner received the third of the ceramic mustache boxes.

All in all, it was a fun party, and one I was honored to host.  Prayers for the expecting mommy, and her dear little son!