Egg Tree for Holy Week

Here is another Lenten activity from Jesse Tree Treasures, specific to Holy Week: an egg ornament tree counting down the remaining days of Lent.


We purchased this set a few years ago, but, well, twins plus two toddlers…  Just today, in going to find the link to their etsy page, I notice they have already changed the style of the ornaments.  Anyway, this is our first year using it, so the old style is new to us!  We also bought their wooden dowel tree to hang the ornaments.  We are not homeschooling during Holy Week, so I am using our homeschooling space in our dining room to display the ornament tree.

As I mentioned before, Jesse Tree Treasure’s new book has a section at the back that you can use for their egg tree (please see this post for more information), with images matching the newer version of their ornaments.

Happy Palm Sunday!