Oct. 22: Memorial of St. John Paul II

I have a gorgeous picture book to share with you for tomorrow!

A Boy Who Became Pope: The Story of Saint John Paul II

by Fabiola Garza

I do believe I now have a new favorite children’s book illustrator!  So far, this is Fabiola Garza’s only title so far, but oh, I truly hope she is inspired to write and illustrate more books (she has hinted here that she may write one about St. Teresa of Calcutta)!  The illustrations are stunning, drawn in a way that is truly appealing to young children.

It is a bit of a longer book for my kids, but thanks to the short descriptions on each page, the book moves quickly enough to keep young children engaged.  I think it is perfect for kids age 4 and above, depending on their attention span.  As for what it is about, this is a biographical book, from birth to papacy.  I am so glad we have this book so that my children can learn about this amazing saint!  Seasonal Catholic definitely recommends this book!

St. John Paul II, pray for us!