Lamb Cake

Do you have any birthdays in your family that fall during the Octave of Easter?  We do!

I was so excited to find a Wilton lamb cake pan in the Easter baking aisle at Walmart this year.  They also had cross-shaped pans, also by Wilton.  Not a single Easter Bunny pan was found!  Exciting!   All glory to the Lamb of God.

Anyway, we have an Easter birthday to celebrate tonight, so this pan was perfect.  To decorate it with marshmallows, you will need half a tub of icing, using a light layer on the body and a thicker layer on the head, plus half a bag of mini marshmallows.  I used a fork to add texture to the ears, used Skittles for the eyes and nose, and I had a bag of Wilton black decorating icing in my freezer to use for the mouth.  It is not perfect, but it turned out better than I could have hoped.

Fun, and easy enough for even me to accomplish!

Happy Easter!  Alleluia!