White Chocolate Lambs

If you are looking for an alternative to chocolate bunnies for your children, what about white chocolate lambs to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lamb of God?

Of course, chocolate lambs are not flying off the shelves at your local grocers, so it will take a little time to make these yourself.  I ordered these molds this year, and used a one pound bag of white chocolate candy melts to fill the molds last night.  Two trays came in the set, and with a full bag of candy melts, I was able to do two rounds of melting, pouring, refrigerating, and popping out little lambs.  I had enough melted white candy leftover to drizzle onto a peanut butter rice crispy treat I made for my kids to enjoy during Easter.  I placed six lambs to add to each of my children’s Easter baskets, and the rest will be in a container for the Easter season.

Anyway, I think they turned out really well!

Happy Easter!