Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker

Clutterfree with Kids

Joshua Becker

Main idea:

A former hoarder turned blogger had a life-changing moment one summer when, while cleaning out his garage, a neighbor told him he did not need to own all the stuff he had. As a father of two, he knows owning less can be difficult when children are in the house, but believes children are better off without a lot of clutter in the home.


I completely agree with the author’s observation that our culture is caught up in consuming more and more at the expense of personal relationships.  This book is broken into chapters centered on what can be problem areas in houses with children: toys, photos, clothes, etc.  The author does an excellent job at bringing in other families’ experiences so that it doesn’t fall into the common pitfall of relying too heavily on the author’s own personal experiences and stories.


If you have read his previous book, The More of Less, you will find a bit of repeat information.  Also, this book is written by a former Protestant youth minister, so I wish he had incorporated his love of Christ more into the book because as it reads now, it feels too secular.


Mothers or fathers who feel like their houses are filled with too much stuff and who want to teach their children to be less materialistic.

Spiritual Relevance:

If we become too distracted in our daily lives by things, we become more self-focused and less able to rear our children to the Lord.