No-Sew Saint Costumes: St. Joseph & St. Patrick

My kids are already very excited about next month’s holy day!  Yay!  They LOVE the saints, and it took them no time at all to choose their saints for this year.  Age 5 wants to be St. Patrick again, age 4 chose St. Joseph, and the girls, almost age 3, chose St. Teresa of Calcutta and our Blessed Mother as their first saints to dress up as.  I will make a separate post for the girls’ costumes because I have not finished them yet.

In the past two years, I have used Dad’s t-shirts as the basic part of my sons’ costumes.  Now that they are older, I know that trick is not going to work much longer.  So, I splurged this year and ordered a few tunics from Oriental Trading.  They carry many plain, one-color costumes on their website, all marked as nativity play costumes.

St. Joseph


St. Joseph’s tunic from Oriental Trading is brown.  The smallest size they offer is a bit big for a 4 year old, so I am going to have to tape the hem up a little underneath.  Next, I had purchased a light brown hood at the Dollar Store last year while shopping for a sword, which I had stored away in my costume tub.  I gave my son a choice between the very-large-on-him hood and a piece of fabric with a band around it, and he chose the former.  I do not claim that this is altogether Josephite in appearance, but he is excited about it.  Finally, I am reusing a simple belt I made out of craft store twine for last year’s costume, and I bought a fabric lily flower (50% off) at Hobby Lobby to use as a prop.  Very simple to assemble, and most importantly, my son is satisfied.  This costume cost less than $10 to put together.


St. Patrick

I was surprised that my 5 year old son chose St. Patrick again, since this saint was his first ever choice two years ago.  I had kept everything from his costume before, so please see this post for how I pulled that off last time.  I decided to add in a golden tunic to replace the t-shirt he wore last time, and he specifically asked for a staff; both the tunic and the shepherd’s crook were ordered from Oriental Trading.  The costume fits perfectly for a 5 year old, and the prop is great in that it comes with three pieces of the stick portion so that you can adjust it for children or adults.  My son is very pleased with the end result and very excited to dress up as St. Patrick!  I think the tunic and staff came in around $12.

So, overall, I am spending more on the saints’ costumes this year because of the new tunics.  However, given how much my children look forward to their saints’ party and how much they will enjoy them, I think the extra cost is worth it.

Saints Joseph and Patrick, pray for us!