No-Sew Saint Costumes: St. Mary & St. Teresa of Calcutta

My 3 year old daughters were finally old enough to request their own saint costume for this year’s All Saints’ party!  They loved dressing up as their favorite saints.

As a base for both costumes, I ordered a white child’s tunic in the smallest size from Oriental Trading.  They are very large on the girls, so for St. Mary, I folded it over with the belt; for St. Teresa, I taped it up with clear packing tape around her chest underneath to make it shorter.

St. Mary, Our Queen

St. Mary is an extremely easy costume to put together.  I bought a dark blue stretchy ribbon on clearance from Hobby Lobby, which I wrapped around her waist twice to serve as a belt.  I bought a remnant of blue chiffon fabric, also on clearance, to use as her veil.  Her crown is a crocheted out of yellow yarn, a gift from her Busia.  That’s it!  Super simple.  My daughter absolutely loved her Mary costume with her flowing blue veil.  With the tunic, this costume costs around $7.


St. Teresa of Calcutta

This costume was the one I stressed most about before assembling it, but in the end, it was not that hard.  In the picture, my daughter is wearing a white shirt under the tunic, but for the party, she did wear white.  Also, I did use a cloth headband under the veil, which really helped keep it in place on her forehead.  As for materials, I purchased a white scarf from Hobby Lobby for the veil, plus Duck Tape in regular size dark blue and thinner white.  I taped the dark blue on the veil and bottom of the tunic first, followed by the white to make stripes.  I was going to try to cut the white trim tape in half to make three stripes in all, but that did not work out with the sticky tape.  So, yes, I know it is not the correct number of stripes, but it worked!  I will note that I left about a 1″ gap on the veil so that I could more easily tie it behind my daughter’s head without the tape getting in the way.  Also, the part that goes around her head was done a bit to the side, leaving a smaller piece on the left and a much longer piece on the right that would drape over her shoulder to her waist.  The ends were then pinned together in the back.  It’s not perfect, but my daughter got a lot of compliments on her costume!  Better yet, she loved looking like her favorite saint.  I only wish I had thought to pin a crucifix on her shoulder!  Because of the cost of the Duck Tape, this costume was pricier, probably around $12, but I can always use that tape for something else, right?!

Saints Mary and Teresa, pray for us!