Saint Book Series

This is a post, well, meta-post, to link more easily to book series featuring saint stories for children that have been released by Catholic publishers.

1.  Saints and Me! 

Liguori Press

– picture books for ages 4-9

please visit this post for more information


2. Life of a Saint

Magnificat division of Ignatius Press

– picture books for age 7+

please visit this post for more information


3. Encounter the Saints

Pauline Books & Media

– age 9-12

– We own this set, but I have not blogged about it because my kids are still too young for it.


4. Vision

Ignatius Press

– age 9-15

– We also own this set, but of course my kids are way too young for it!


5. Stories of the Saints for Young People Ages 10-100

TAN books

– ages 10+

– We do not own this set yet; it was written during the 1940’s and reprinted by TAN.  They’re also creating student workbooks to go along with the books in this series.


May all the saints in heaven pray for us!