Advent CDs

It’s December, and it’s Advent.  Christmas begins later this month and lasts well into January (although you wouldn’t know this little fact if you only followed the lead of commercial stores and most peoples’ yard decorations).  For years, I have tried to postpone listening to Christmas music until Christmastide, so as not to spoil things too early.  However, I had very little in terms of Advent music in my music library.  That has changed!  There are many Advent CDs out there, but a lot of them are simply not to my taste.  So, I wanted to share my five favorite music albums for the season of Advent:

Advent at Ephesus 12.1 Advent at Ephesus

The voices of the Sisters on this album blend so beautifully!  It only takes just a song or two to turn your thoughts and your heart to prayer, which is what we should be focusing on during the Advent season.  The sisters are unaccompanied on this album, so I don’t tire of this CD too quickly.  The proceeds of this album help out the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, a genuine community for Women Religious.  It’s always nice to help Nuns and Sisters when we can!

12.1 Sarta AdventCatholic Music Project 8: Advent

Pianist Jon Sarta’s Catholic Music Project is wonderful!  I am slowly collecting his seasonal volumes.  He plays piano, unaccompanied, and plays each hymn through several times.  You can sing along, or just listen to the peaceful, prayerful music.


12.1 Gregorian ChristmasGregorian Christmas

This one is an excellent buy (69 cents for the mp3 download on Amazon, or play online for free with Prime).  Tracks 1, 2, & 8-27 are all for Advent; tracks 3-7 are for the Feast of Immaculate Conception; tracks 28-45 are for Christmastide and tracks 46-49 are for the Baptism of the Lord.  So, for less than a dollar, you can invest in seasonal, sacred music from our rich Catholic heritage.

12.1 Duo SeraphimDuo Seraphim

Just like the above on my list, this CD is not solely for Advent: tracks 1-4, 6, 7, and 14 are the genuine Advent songs on this CD; the rest are a mix of songs for Christmas, Marian feast days, and Lent.  I really enjoy this CD because the songs are all in the Medieval style, so you get a feel for how Catholics would have been celebrating Advent in song centuries ago.


12.1 young oceansAdvent

I just heard about this one this year.  This album is by an evangelicial prayer group, and a couple of the songs are fantastic for the season of Advent (I personally enjoy tracks 1, 2, 6 & 13).  The music is different, but give it a try!  This album is also available for free online streaming with Amazon Prime.

A blessed Advent to you!