CDs for Lent

Let’s face it: Lent is not exactly a season to get excited about.  Sacred and beautiful music can help us get through it, though.

Here are a few fantastic Catholic CDs our household is using this Lent:

Death, Be Not Proud

Love, love, love this LP by Audrey Assad!  The title track is my personal favorite, but the other four are absolutely perfect for Lent.  The music is mellow, powerful, and ethereal.  These few songs will stay with you, and pull you into contemplation of Our Lord’s Passion.



3.6 Lent coverLent at Ephesus

Yes, yet another plug for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles!  I am so excited for their next release – I received a flyer from them announcing an upcoming album to be titled “Adoration at Ephesus” – looking forward to it!  Anyway, their Lent album is just as strong as their others: simple, clean music that lifts your heart to prayer.



3.6 O Vos OmnesO Vos Omnes: Music for Lent & Holy Week

This CD is a production of the Choir of St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish, New York, as conducted by Kent Tritle.  It contains mostly sacred music, all with a blend of male and female voices.  There is no instrumental accompaniment.  My husband grew up listening to Gregorian chant at Mass every weekend.  He preferred this CD over some Lenten Gregorian chant CDs on the market because of its beauty and clarity.


3.6 Sarta LentThe Catholic Music Project Volume 5: Lent

Pianist Jon Sarta’s Lenten collection is another great addition to our music library.  I love hearing his unaccompanied piano pieces of hymns that I would expect to hear at Mass during Lent.  I can then get those hymns “stuck in my head,” so to speak, instead of the secular music that usually seems to take up residence.



A blessed and holy Lent to you and yours.