Apr. 23: Memorial of St. George

The Saint Who Fought the Dragon: The Story of Saint George4.23 george

by  Cornelia Bilinsky; illustrated by Theresa Brandon

This book is fantastic!  It is a small hardcover book, 25 pages in length, similar in scope to the book for St. Helen posted here.  With some pages containing several paragraphs, the text is a bit cumbersome for young children.  I would imagine its target audience is grade school children.  Even so, I am glad I have introduced this gem to my preschool aged children, even if they do not entirely understand it.

The story is of a brave soldier who has a vision of a dragon (the emperor) wishing to destroy a beautiful woman (the Church).   The emperor wants his soldiers to destroy all Christians, but George reveals his faith and is sent to prison for it.  In prison, the empress visits him, and eventually converts to Catholicism.  Saint George is then killed, but the death scene itself is omitted from the story.

4.23 collage

The illustrations look washed out and blurry, but they do not detract too much from an otherwise excellent book that Seasonal Catholic highly recommends.

St. George, pray for us!