Easter Season (Eastertide)

Solemnities usually transfer to the following Monday when they fall on a Sunday during the Easter octave or Easter.


  1. Resurrection of the Lord (Easter) – between March 22 and April 25.   Begins the Octave of Easter, which is eight consecutive days celebrated as one continuous solemnity, ending between March 29 and May 2 with Divine Mercy Sunday.
  2. Ascension of the Lord – 40th day of Eastertide, the Thursday after the 6th Sunday of Easter, between April 30 and June 6.  In places where it is not a holy day of obligation (such as the US), the solemnity is then transferred to replace the Seventh Sunday of Easter (falling between May 3 and June 6).
  3. Pentecost (Whitsunday)- 50th day of Eastertide, between May 10 and June 13

Feast Days (USCCB):

  1. St. Mark, Evangelist – April 25
  2. Ss. Philip and James, Apostles – May 3
  3. St. Matthias, Apostle – May 14. May fall in ordinary time.
  4. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – May 31. May fall in ordinary time.

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*For simplicity, this includes saints with feast days in April and May; “Lent” has February and March; “Ordinary Time” most other months*

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