May 10: Memorial of St. Damien of Molokai

The following is perfect for Wednesday’s saint, especially if you have young kids! Damien Molokai: Builder of Community by Barbara Yoffie This book is part of Liguori Publication’s Saints and Me collection, which is a growing collection of small paperback books about saints for kids age 4-9.  The text in […]

April 28: Memorial of St. Gianna Molla

Friday is coming, and with it, St. Gianna Molla’s Day!  As of this post, the below is the only picture book we have in our collection for St. Gianna, but given her recent popularity, I do hope we will have a couple more soon! Gianna Beretta Molla: Wife, Mother, and […]

Oh, BOY! Baby Shower

A very good friend of mine is expecting her first (living) son!  All glory to God!  She has two beautiful girls, a child with the Lord, and is about to deliver a healthy baby boy.  I hosted a baby shower for her this past weekend.  She has a t-shirt she […]

Apr. 23: Memorial of St. George

The Saint Who Fought the Dragon: The Story of Saint George by  Cornelia Bilinsky; illustrated by Theresa Brandon This book is fantastic!  It is a small hardcover book, 25 pages in length, similar in scope to the book for St. Helen posted here.  With some pages containing several paragraphs, the […]

Post-Lent Sticker Scene and Lent Tree

I thought it would be fun to share what the final products looked like for this year’s 40 Days Sticker Scene and Lent Tree.  We still have both hanging in our house for our kids, but will probably be taking them down some time during Eastertide. Anyway, this is my […]

Board Books for Easter

This week, I have been sharing our children’s growing Eastertide book collection with posts about picture books for Easter from a Christian perspective, and picture books for Easter that are secular, but clean and fun for kids.  Those posts are about paperback and hardcover Easter books.  Today, I am going […]

Lamb Cake

Do you have any birthdays in your family that fall during the Octave of Easter?  We do! I was so excited to find a Wilton lamb cake pan in the Easter baking aisle at Walmart this year.  They also had cross-shaped pans, also by Wilton.  Not a single Easter Bunny […]

Secular Easter Books for Kids

Yesterday, I shared our growing collection of Eastertide books.  Those books all at least come from a Christian perspective.  Today, I am going to share two fun books our kids received this year to enjoy during the Easter Season.   I know we have a few other books for Easter that […]

Eastertide Books!

We are blessed to have a growing collection of Christian and Catholic books to celebrate the greatest of all Christian holiday seasons!  To keep this post from becoming overly long, this post is going to be for Easter books from a religious perspective.  Tomorrow’s post will include Easter and Springtime […]

White Chocolate Lambs

If you are looking for an alternative to chocolate bunnies for your children, what about white chocolate lambs to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lamb of God? Of course, chocolate lambs are not flying off the shelves at your local grocers, so it will take a little time to make […]

Easter Basket stuffers for Catholics

Every year, my kids get a new religious book for Easter, which is wrapped separately from their Easter basket.  I also try to include religious items in their baskets.  I have personally given my children things such as: Stuffed animal lambs.  Instead of the Easter Bunny, we have chosen to […]

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich & Seasonality

Quote, in context: As there is an earthly year with its seasons, an earthly nature with its creatures, its fruits and its peculiar properties; so also does there exist an economy of a higher order for the restoration of our fallen race.  It has innumerable graces and means of salvation […]

Easter Triduum Books

Last week I shared the books that we use to prepare for Palm Sunday, as well as those for Holy Week.  Today, I will share the books we have that are specifically about the final days of Lent, the Easter Triduum, or Holy Thursday and forward.  Of course, the children’s […]

Egg Tree for Holy Week

Here is another Lenten activity from Jesse Tree Treasures, specific to Holy Week: an egg ornament tree counting down the remaining days of Lent.   We purchased this set a few years ago, but, well, twins plus two toddlers…  Just today, in going to find the link to their etsy […]

Picture Books for Holy Week

Palm Sunday is almost here!  I pulled out a few books this week to help my kids prepare for Palm Sunday, as well as some of the events of the upcoming Holy Week.   All of the books listed in this post begin with Palm Sunday and continue the narrative through […]

Stations of the Cross for Kids

This year, we added in a new family tradition for the Fridays of Lent: praying the Stations of the Cross as a family after dinner.  Naturally, the books below are perfect for any time during Lent, not just Fridays. My oldest just started Kindergarten at home, using the Catholic Heritage […]

Palm Sunday Books

Thanks to reading books about that little donkey colt, my children absolutely love Palm Sunday.  Here are a few adorable books that center on Palm Sunday’s entrance into Jerusalem.  These only detail the narrative of the donkey ride; if you are looking for books about Palm Sunday along with what […]

April 7: Memorial of St. John Baptist de la Salle

If you have younger children, here is a fantastic book to celebrate this Friday’s saint: John Baptist de la Salle: Caring Teacher and Mentor by Barbara Yoffie This book is part of Liguori Publication’s Saints and Me collection, which is a growing collection of small paperback books about saints for […]

Party Tex-Mex Toasties

I am not a very good cook, but I am hosting a baby shower soon.  I purchased some really cute paper cupcake liners that I would like to use for the shower, but I am not comfortable enough in my cupcake baking skills to try serving cupcakes on the big […]

Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford

Hands Free Mama Rachel Macy Stafford Main idea: A blogger and mother of two daughters recently discovered that, in her quest to keep a full, well-connected social calendar, she had begun to miss out on her daughters’ and husband’s lives.  She was absorbed with laptops and hand-held devices, frequently checking […]