Stay-at-home Bottle Feeders?

Last Saturday, my parish hosted a conference for Catholic mothers.  It sounded fantastic!  The advertisement for the event in our parish bulletin mentioned quality speakers being broadcast in, prayer, fellowship, and other conference goodness.  Unfortunately, when I clicked on the invitation link to a website promoting the event, it said […]

Encouragement to Mothers Who Struggle with Babyhood

My oldest living child is about to turn four years old.  Yay!!!  This time four years ago, I remember an overwhelming urge to hold a child of mine.  We had lost our first baby to miscarriage, and I was very overdue – our son decided he needed an extra 13 […]

A Catholic Parent Resource Regarding Human Cell Lines in Vaccines

* I originally posted this almost a year ago…* A friend of mine recently told me she had had a hard time finding out information regarding the Catholic stance on the use of aborted fetal cells in the production of vaccines for children.  She had visited the USCCB’s website, along […]