Picture Books to Celebrate Solemnities for Christ!

These differ from Christmas books, which focus on Christ’s birth, and Lent or Easter books, which celebrate His death and resurrection.  Although the following books may incorporate some of those themes, they are primarily stories of Christ’s entire life, or His adult ministry.  This means they are great for any […]

Solemnities for Christ: board books

Here are some fantastic board books that celebrate the life of Christ.  They are perfect for any time of the year, but particularly handy for the string of solemnities that begin with Pentecost every year.  These board books are for toddlers and preschoolers; I have a separate post here for […]

Christmas CDs

Merry Christmas! We’re so blessed – in the Catholic Church, it’s still Christmas, and will be for a few more weeks!  I, like most people, LOVE Christmastide!  I know many people have dozens of Christmas CDs in their collection, but what about specifically Catholic and Christian ones?  Here are a […]