Marian CDs

It has been a while since I posted about music collections!  In honor of today’s solemnity, I would like to share a few CDs in our collection that we use for a variety of Marian celebrations during Ordinary Time, whether they are solemnities, feast days, memorials, or ordinary Saturdays held […]

CDs for Baptism

Merry Christmas!  Wow, this “stack” is going to be an incredibly short list! If you are looking for CDs to celebrate tomorrow’s solemnity, the available options are scarce.  I do not recommend searching for “baptism” as a CD title, for you will see scores of sacrilegious albums.  So sad.  Here […]

Baptism Playlist

Tomorrow is the Baptism of the Lord, and the official end of the Christmas season.  I thought I would share the songs we will be listening to from our Baptism Playlist: Come to the Water – Matt Maher Communio: Omnes Qui in Christo (chant) Communio: Vidimus Setlam (chant) Offertorium: Benedictus […]

Songs for All Saints Day

Happy Hallowmas!  Our family has been jamming out to a lot of fun music celebrating saints and angels today!  I have a mix of traditional hymns, secular tunes, and contemporary Christian songs that I think are all perfect for today’s Holy Day! If a hymn below was written by a […]

Patriotic Playlist

Looking to put together a playlist for your 4th of July celebration?  Most of these songs can be found on the patriotic CDs I posted about yesterday.  I have provided links for songs that are not on those albums, or are not covered by many artists already.  Enjoy your Independence […]

Independence Day CDs

I am sure there are dozens of CDs out there to help you celebrate the 4th of July.  I am simply posting a few of our favorite patriotic albums, in case you may not have heard of them and would like to try them out for your family’s celebrations.  Enjoy! […]

Songs for Pentecost

Pentecost is one of my favorite holidays – such a powerful culmination of the Easter Season!  Come, Holy Spirit! Oh, how I wish this post were much, much longer!  As short as it is, here are songs I have pulled together for a Pentecost playlist to give you over an […]

Songs for Easter

In addition to these great CDs for Easter, there are many individual songs out there about Christ’s Resurrection.  Bring them together, and you have an Easter playlist!  Many of the songs are traditional hymns that can easily be found; others are hard to find, so I am listing original artists […]

CDs for Easter

Alleluia!  Break out the JOY of Eastertide! Oh, how I very much wish that this post were much, much longer!  I wish I had as many options to choose from for Easter music as I do for Christmas.  Sadly, that is not the case, but one can hope for the […]

Songs for Lent

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on some good CDs for Lent, I’d like to post a Lenten playlist of songs that work well to help your home feel more like Lent. 40 Days – Matt Maher Above All – Lenny LeBlanc Adoramus Te Christe – Taizé Community Choir All […]

CDs for Lent

Let’s face it: Lent is not exactly a season to get excited about.  Sacred and beautiful music can help us get through it, though. Here are a few fantastic Catholic CDs our household is using this Lent: Death, Be Not Proud Love, love, love this LP by Audrey Assad!  The […]

Christmas CDs

Merry Christmas! We’re so blessed – in the Catholic Church, it’s still Christmas, and will be for a few more weeks!  I, like most people, LOVE Christmastide!  I know many people have dozens of Christmas CDs in their collection, but what about specifically Catholic and Christian ones?  Here are a […]

Advent Playlist

A friend of mine recently mentioned she didn’t know any Advent songs, so I thought I would put this together in case someone out there might benefit from it. Here are 40 songs that work well for the Advent season: Alma Redemptoris Mater Angelus ad Virginem Annunciation Carol Be Consoled, […]

Advent CDs

It’s December, and it’s Advent.  Christmas begins later this month and lasts well into January (although you wouldn’t know this little fact if you only followed the lead of commercial stores and most peoples’ yard decorations).  For years, I have tried to postpone listening to Christmas music until Christmastide, so […]