St. Patrick

Songs for All Saints Day

Happy Hallowmas!  Our family has been jamming out to a lot of fun music celebrating saints and angels today!  I have a mix of traditional hymns, secular tunes, and contemporary Christian songs that I think are all perfect for today’s Holy Day! If a hymn below was written by a […]

Picture Books Covering Several Saints

All Saints’ Day is swiftly approaching! A lot of the books in our saint picture book collection are on an individual saint, or in some cases, two saints who were contemporaries.  Each of our children have a picture book of saints, each featuring a few dozen saints.  In this post, […]

Mar. 17: Memorial of St. Patrick

Patrick: Saint of Ireland by Joyce Denham; illustrated by Diana Mayo My son received this book last year as a gift for Halloween/All Saints because he picked St. Patrick for his first saint costume. Last year, I had borrowed a few titles from our local library for St. Patrick’s Day, […]